From riches to rags: worst casino games ever

Among the diverse collection of games that are available in the casinos, some of them have the best odds where you can gain something out of it as you play while there are those games that have the worst odds and no matter how much you play, you cannot get the odds to your favor and these kinds of games can really make your bank account go being malnourished. Many players played those various games and learned about the ones with the worst odds, they are fun to play and not the worst game regarding fun and entertainment, but regarding odds, they are the people with the highest house edge which players do not need. Some of those games with the worst odds are:

  1. Keno – the game that takes the top place is Keno; it is one of the games that one should avoid in a casino. Of course, if one is to play once in a while then it is fine, but the odds in this game is the worst with the house edge up to 25% or sometimes even higher. 25% is what is written, but depending on how you are playing the game, you could be making the house edge go up to 35% as well. 25% means that every time you best a dollar, the casino wins a quarter which clearly shows that the odds lean towards the casino way more.
  2. Baccarat Tie Bet – In Baccarat, a game where two of three bets in the game are a few of the best in any casino around but the Baccarat tie bet is simply one of the worst bets to make, and it has the edge up to 14.36%. Sticking to the other bets such as the player of the banker wagers would prove to be a better option than the tie bet.
  3. Wheel of Fortune or also known as the Big Six Wheel is one of the simplest games which come with a carnival theme. As attractive as the name of the game sounds, it comes with really disappointing odds. The house edge in this game goes up to 11% and varies still 24% depending on the number of bets by the player
  4. Let It Ride Side Bet – The side bet for this game has the house edge that is based on the pay table, and it varies from one casino to the other. But even the best pay table in this game has the house edge that varies from 13% to 36%, so the odds are more in favor of the casino giving the casinos a way to earn
  5. Caribbean Stud Side Bet – This Caribbean Stud’s side bet for the progressive jackpot varies slightly by the jackpot’s size, but the bet hardly reached the amount which would have made a bet a good choice. The house edge on average in this game is around 26%. Only a person who is not afraid of risk will go with this bet.

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