888 Casino: Review and Bonus

888 Casino: Review and Bonus

What, in the name of gaming, is an 888 Casino? Well, well… That question cannot hold. Just because you see the pretty 888 does not mean the name is generic.

We are talking of the go-to casino here, one run by 888 UK Limited. It is a 2-decade old gaming site under the regulation of the Great Britain Gambling Commission, whose contact you can see straight up, once you log onto the website.

In short, if someone were to ask for a brief 888 Casino review, feel free to describe it as an officially known gaming site that is not only a pride to its owners, but also to the online community.

In fact, as far back as 1993, other communities of the world that had hardly heard of online communication or online casino games began to feel the impact of this respected organization.

That was when it joined International Medical Corps (IMC) UK, a humanitarian organization that has been positively impacting disadvantaged communities worldwide as from 1989.

Fans might wish to cite the 888 Casino free spins and other bonuses given once you register on the site, but imagine being associated with groups that were there to render assistance when Ebola hit Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Or when the devastating Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines… There is no better commendation than that when you are talking of a gambling site.

And that kind of humanitarian aid is what IMC (UK) has provided over the years, to communities in approximately 70 countries across 5 continents.

Play to 888 Casino Online and Mobile

888 Casino is the one-stop shop for you as far as fun games are concerned.  Is it the place where millionaires throw in their millions to become billionaires? Nope!

It isn’t. Here, even if you show up with only a hanky in your pocket, you will still have some fun. How, you wonder? Well, as long as you have registered and shown your willingness to become part of this great fun community, you will get a chance to play a game like poker without even placing a deposit. How about that?

Then when you enter the online casino, before you can begin wondering about the promised 888 Casino free spins, you notice bonuses signaling at you. You can even receive a welcoming bonus as huge as $200!

The site is also user friendly. Have you been analogue so long that you see online gambling as a complex affair? Don’t. Even if you have not seen anyone mention it in their 888 Casino review, believe me – you can play poker, bingo, and all those other 888 games on any computer, or from your mobile phone.

You cannot be at it for two decades the way 888 Casino has been, and not know how to make your products user friendly.

888 Casino: Review for the Best Casino Online

Let’s face it. Stories of a casino playing Mother Theresa is not what drew you to seek information on the best casino.

You want to win some money and bring a glow to your face, and also have some fun while at it, right? So, why would anyone make 888 Casino their casino of choice? Here’s why:

The clumsy business of fluctuating exchange rates has been taken care of

The casino accepts a range of strong currencies, namely, the US dollar, the Euro, the Canadian dollar, and obviously, the UK pound.

Security is top notch

All the way from the point of withdrawal from your bank, to depositing on your casino account, your money is safe. Again when it comes to personal details, the casino management has ensured its systems have integrity strong enough to keep those details nicely secured.

The site is, evidently, transparent

Just log onto the site and see how the daily winners are displayed. You’ll see each person’s name and their corresponding winnings – real money… you know… not pocket change.

The casino is a big spender

No offense to the wannabes, but nobody surely wants to go gambling on a site where the owners are struggling to keep it afloat. This one proudly displays the much it has paid out in winnings in the previous 30 days, and you can see the figure is in terms of billions. In which of the four currencies we have mentioned above can we term a billion peanuts? Any…?

The casino provides a convenient choice of payment methods

Nothing about the casino is localized and restricting. Even when it comes to the 888 Casino free casino online, there is no quota system so that players from certain regions get more opportunities than others. You can win and utilize your freebies wherever you are playing from.

Likewise, the payment methods the casino recommends are diverse and globally respected. They include PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, and even Diners Club International.

There is a wide variety of interesting casino games

Is it online Roulette you want to play? You will find it at 888 Casino. Is it online Blackjack? Or is it Baccarat? And the slot machine games? In excess of 200 those ones are. Let’s just say, you are unlikely to miss any online gambling game worth its salt at this casino.

How Can You Win 888 Casino Free Spins?

I do not think there is any 888 Casino review that will answer that question exhaustively, seeing how generous the 888 Casino is with its free spins. Believe it or not, you can make free spins to the tune of £888 in this casino.

Your appetite for play is first whetted when you receive a free spin immediately after registration, which is not meant to serve as a mere induction course on how to use the online casino. It actually gives you an opportunity to win up to $15!

Suppose you decide to finance your subsequent spins using those winnings from the free spin. If for every spin you plan on spending $0.20, you know how many spins would be at your disposal? A generous 75 free spins!

Now let us say it is the first time you are making a deposit on 888 Casino. The casino is prepared to double your money’s worth right then. You deposit $50, and you get to make spins worth $100. You deposit $100, and you get to make spins worth $200.

If you are a doubting Thomas, just test the waters with $20. You will be able to enjoy $40 worth of play, and when you give your 0wn 888 Casino review, it will not be from other players’ experience but your own.