Act Like A Pro Roulette

How To Act Like A Pro At Roulette Table

Picture this, you are finally about to make the much-anticipated trip to the brick and mortar casino, but you are totally new to the experience.

Before you even think about sitting down at the roulette table and buying your chips, there are a few things that you have to learn in order to play like a pro.

But the most important thing of all, which will especially determine how well you play the game, is the etiquette you decide to follow.

If you are therefore hoping to make your roulette experience at the casino run as smooth as possible, then we advise that you live by the following roulette etiquette and rules.

By reading and practising every tip included in this brief guide, you’ll look like a natural in any land-based casino!

Roulette & Casino Table Games Etiquette

Know all the rules involved

This might seem like common sense, but we can’t just stop emphasising how important it is for any player to know all the rules involved before so much as making the trip to the casino.

Entering a casino totally clueless about how to play the different games or where to go for a specific game can hold up the tables and frustrate players who are already enlightened.

Learning the rules of your favourite casino table games beforehand will ensure that you get the most out of the time you want to spend at the casino and also help you and other players have more fun around.

If this is your first time visiting a casino, there are a number of resources at your disposal.

Often, the casino will lend a helping hand by either offering gambling floor tours, where they’ll explain every game to you or in other instances, they set aside a newbie table which uses practice chips.

Always keep your phone in silent mode or leave it at home

To some, this might bring the feeling that your life is ending if your smartphone isn’t cradled in your palm.

However, as you go through the troubles of making your way out of your hotel room or house to the casino, it’s advisable that you put your mobile phone on silent or leave it.

There are a number of good reasons for this. First, if you get into a frenzy of winning and get a little trigger happy with your device’s camera shutter, chances are you’ll find yourself in a little trouble with the casino.

Usually, casinos don’t like patrons taking photos while on the gambling floor – a breach of this could see them confiscate your device or see you get ejected from the premises altogether.

Keep your head straight

This tip is very important especially as you try to maintain the fun and light social ambience at the roulette table. Never ever let your anger get the best of you.

Should you feel that someone is offending you and as such get fired up for a fight, walk away from the table or take a break outside the casino.

Sometimes, it might seem like fate or like the dealer is out to take your money, but it’s important always to remember that the roulette and other table games you choose to play usually depend on a mixture of luck and house edge.

Additionally, remember that the person responsible for your losing streak is you, therefore if you feel that the odds are stack against you, take a break. This could involve taking a break from the table or grabbing a drink.

With that said, watch the booze. Drinking too much while playing roulette will not only ruin the fun you’ve gone to seek (and possibly drain your bankroll), but it will also put a damper on the moods of the other players seated at the table.

Money and chips

It’s true that you’ll eventually learn how to exchange money for chips, without having to read this, but not without committing an error or two. The first rule of exchanging your money for chips is to lay your money down on the table.

Never ever hand it directly to the croupier because it’s against the casino’s rules. If you want to look like a pro, wait for the table to be in between hands and lay your cash down on the table.

Keep your hands to yourself

At first, roulette can seem to be a very complicated game, especially when placing the bets and receiving the payouts. But something that will make you look like a pro is to ensure that you know where you are required to place the chips on the table.

As you place your bets, ensure that you never touch or even move another patron’s chips.

Any form of tampering with chips that have already been placed on the table might be considered as cheating. It’s also important that you place your chips in the right place for the bet that you wish to place.

If you aren’t sure about the procedure, it’s best that you consult with the croupier – you can bet they are more knowledgeable than you!

Practice roulette wheel online before playing at your local casino

If you are hoping to get some practice going on in a low-pressure environment, you can always try playing roulette wheel online.

Most online casino websites offer free to play roulette games, with the same odds, rules and gameplay as the one offered at the land-based casino.

It’s actually the best way to learn the roulette ropes without putting your bankroll in the red. Once you have played a few rounds, you can bet that you’ll be ready to take on the real game!

Lastly… Tipping is a good thing

One thing about the world of customer service, hourly pay doesn’t pay much to settle one’s day to day bills.

Dealing at the casino isn’t any different; the croupiers are always on their feel throughout the day and have to work professionally to ensure you have the best experience possible.

You don’t have to give them all your winnings of course, but if you’ve had a great time at the table, or won a substantial amount of money, a simple £10 tip will go a long way to help them pay for their cab home or buy something to eat on their way back home.

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