Skrill India

Skrill: What Is It? How Does It Work?

Skrill has transformed the manner in which people transfer money globally. Whether on Skrill India, Skrill Nepal, or Skrill elsewhere, this is one service provider that treats you as a worthy partner. People who have used other forms of money transfer before term their experience with Skrill as simply magical.

Skrill: What Is It?Services Provided By Skrill

  1. You can send money to any continent
  2. You can receive money from any continent
  3. You can pay for goods or services using funds in your Skrill account

How to Use Skrill in India

Skrill offers quality service uniformly across the globe. It offers same-day service to its Indian customers the same way it does to its UK customers. That cannot be said of some other money transfer platforms, which have been a nightmare to customers in India and a good part of Africa. With Skrill, there are no double standards. In fact, those who are already informed no longer wonder whether to use Skrill or PayPal.

Skrill is Efficient

How do you feel about bureaucracy? Not organization – because Skrill is, surely, very well organized – but the bossy, feel-good bureaucracy customers have had to contend with dealing with some service providers? A process that can safely take a day has sometimes taken weeks. That is what Skrill is here to save us from. You will get your dollars from the US or elsewhere in Rupees the same day if you so wish.

Skrill Is User Friendly

If you want to use Skrill India, the steps to follow are as simple as those used by Skrill customers elsewhere in the world. Besides, the Skrill website is user friendly in an unprecedented way. Believe it or not, on the website, it takes minutes to register and get verified as a bona fide customer.

Skrill is Secure

Your money is secure with this UK based money transfer platform. Your personal details are secure too, yet they ask very little of you in terms of documentation and verification. Skrill works smart – not complex. They do not ask you for this and that document, only for them to demand yet another document when you thought your verification process was coming to an end. Ask me who does that!

How to Become a Customer on Skrill India

To show you’ve been to school, call it registration – and this is how it goes:

  • Type ‘skrill’ on Google or whatever search engine you are using.

Unless otherwise, the link that comes tops will take you to, where you will see ‘REGISTER’ at the topmost right.

  • Click accordingly, and you will be called upon to enter some basic details.

Your e-mail

Your password

  • Confirm password
  • Click ‘Next’, and a simple PERSONAL DETAILS page will open. Fill it.

First Name


  • Date of Birth
  • Click ‘Next’, and COUNTRY & WALLET CURRENCY page opens. Fill it.

What country are you in?

What currency do you use there?

  • Click ‘Next’ and in that simple form indicate your physical and postal addresses.
  • Indicate your phone number next.

Verification of Your Skrill India Account

Now – there are people, and there are people… right? Skrill, therefore, deems it fit to ascertain they only register honorable customers, the reason they prompt you to:

  • Verify your e-mail address
  • Provide your bank details
  • At ‘Cards & Bank Account’ enter your bank account number. Ignore the sort code
  • Provide the details for your Credit or Debit card and follow the system wizard or guide to link it with your bank account.
  • Upload your National ID as well.

Note that when you are in India, your PAN card plus your bank statement are sufficient for verification. Upload them and your account verification will be complete in 24hrs – at most 48hrs.

  • Verify your physical location.Skrill would not wish to be taken for a ride by unscrupulous people, so they won’t use the easy-to-manipulate IP address, or go checking you out on Google Map – no.


  • Upload a utility bill that is in your name – like electricity or water bill
  • Or upload a current bank or credit statement
  • Finally, do you match the person on your ID?

Skrill prefers that you hold your ID with your personal details clearly visible, and take a selfie. Then upload it.

How to Navigate Skrill

The first time you log onto the website you will realize the question of whether to use Skrill or PayPal is no longer tenable. There is a world of difference between these two global money transfer platforms, Skrill being, clearly, very easy to navigate, even for people with minimal computer literacy.

How to Get Money into Your Skrill Account

If you are using Skrill India, just upload your funds via:

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Registered Bank account
  • PaySafe Card

Otherwise in general, Skrill supports in excess of 100 deposit methods, among them VISA, MasterCard, UCB, PaySafe, Giropay and Trustly.

How to send Money from Your Skrill Account

All you need to fill in are:

  • Your registered e-mail address
  • The recipient’s e-mail address

You can also pay for goods or services online using the funds in your Skrill account. If you can see the word ‘skrill’ at the checkout point, it will work out. Gladly, Skrill always notifies you when your transaction has been successful.

Skrill or PayPal?

Skrill will beat any other platform hands down. PayPal has been all over the internet for years, but if truth be told, many people still have their funds held up under mysterious circumstances.

How, for instance, can they accept your registration and verification, let you withdraw funds a couple of times, then from hell knows where they refuse you further withdrawals in the name of security, even when all factors remain constant? Strangely, PayPal has been known to withhold funds for over a year even when there is no complainant and there never was one.

Probably the worst hit customers are freelance service providers, like writers and web designers, who PayPal cannot distinguish from merchants of goods for shipping! Skrill is not robotic. It is an e-commerce platform that aptly employs human intervention to make your customer experience enjoyable.

Skrill is also adaptable. In the recent past, for example, it has embraced partnerships with various credible mobile wallets, making transactions cheap for its customers in Nepal, Kenya, the Philippines, and many other world locations; including users of Skrill India. Considering the foregoing, money handlers will no longer have to wonder what the best option is: Skrill or PayPal.