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Top 5 richest casinos in the world you never knew

Casinos are a humongous place, and just by the size and architecture, you can see how much was spent on building the place and maintaining it. Also, even the interiors of the casinos are so extravagant, and there are numerous facilities that the casinos provide. There are some casinos all over the world, all of which are flamboyant. But among the casinos in the world, the casinos that take place as the richest and the most luxurious are:

  1. Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino in China is one of the richest casinos in the world which offers around 500 gambling tables and 2000 slot machines; just its gaming floor takes up 500000 sq. feet. Besides gambling services, it also has a plethora of options for entertainment with shopping malls that does justice to the casino’s name, restaurants that are world class and luxurious boutiques. It has also hosted NBO exhibition games, and here, guests can book 3800 sq. Feet suite with a butler and limousine
  2. Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino, which is located in Germany, is one of the most exorbitant and elegant casinos in the world and is also one of the oldest that was built in 1820. To play the table games, the gentle men should wear the appropriate attire of jacket and ties. It provides a gambling experience at the top luxurious level and also has its renowned spa. It has also hosted several international gatherings since many years back, and it still hosts shows every day providing excellent cuisines.
  3. Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is also one of the oldest casinos that offer some gambling games. This casino is made especially for the foreigners, and another point to add is that the James Bond movie featured this casino quite a few times. One has to be in proper attire for the gaming room, and this casino is so luxurious that it has beach club, pools that view the Mediterranean sea, human-made lagoons and a detox centre
  4. The Wynn in Macau is another one of the most expensive casinos in the world with excellent interiors and some great features and a vast array of gambling games. Besides gambling services it has only high-end stores inside the casino and also adding a Ferrari apparel dealership. The casino also has an art gallery which includes rare pieces and statues, to add to this, it even has a dragon made of crystal
  5. Casino du Liban located in Lebanon has the control of monopoly over gaming in the country. The casino extends to 376,000 sq. ft. The place is overly luxurious that the government employees or anyone for that matter that does not earn at least $33,000 per year is not allowed to enter. This fancy casino is only for the absolutely rich which offers some slot machines, table games and various other electronic games. Three restaurants are located throughout the casino and with some entertainment options.

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