Phone Casino: Deposit and play Casino with your phone

The world of casinos is ever increasing and the market place is quite crowded. As such, casinos need to employ new and exciting methods with which to gain new customers. The most popular way is to offer the widest selection of games and an array of attractive bonuses. But there is an underrated way which can attract customers to casino and gambling websites: payment options. This is where the pay by phone casino comes in.

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New payment options

Credit and debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers are very common already within online casinos, but now many can call themselves a pay by phone casino as well. This innovation in performing financial transactions gives many gambling outlets a march on their rivals. It allows players to deposit and withdraw funds with greater ease than ever before.

Pay by phone Casino – Zimpler and Boku payment handlers

boku pay by phone how it works

Online casinos are using the pay by phone systems which is presented by and whose system is simple to use. It allows you to perform a pay by phone payment with a couple of touches of the screen. There is no need to enter bank account or credit card numbers and any amount you pay using the service will simply be added to your mobile phone bill at the end of the current month, so you can enjoy playing phone casino straight away.

It is simple to set up and all you need to do is enter your mobile phone number on Boku, verify your number and select a PIN. It takes seconds to set up and all future charges will be billed to your account.

Why pay by phone to casino?

There are many advantages to making pay by phone methods, not least the security aspect. Many people are afraid of being spied on when online and using a mobile browser makes a user particularly vulnerable. Entering private bank details, especially when on a public network, exposes  users to potential unnecessary attacks, but by simply using your phone number at and or  you can quickly set up the means of making pay by phone payments.

Most of all pay by phone allows an almost instant transfer of funds which means you can begin playing your favourite casino games straight away.

Pay by phone is the smartest and fastest way to make an online payment.

Pay by phone casinos

funding with phoneWe here at love the use of pay by phone technology when it comes to enhancing our casino experience and we hope you do too. We have reviewed all the best pay by phone casinos for you so you don’t need to waste time researching them yourself.

We’ll tell you which have the greatest offers for new players, which have the selection of games that best suits you and, of course, which accept pay by phone payments and therefore make your casino transactions smoother and speedier.

Online casinos had taken the whole world by a storm. With the bigger and bigger number of people who are using the internet, casino owners have realized that they have a whole new market to take over. And oh boy, they did. There are thousands and thousands of online casinos all around the world.

You can find online casinos in pretty much every country in the world

Some of them have more than hundreds of online casinos only for their own country. There are also international online casinos that can be played by people all around the world. But with the modern technology, everything is changing so fast. In last few years we have seen the boom of smart devices, more particularly smartphones.

Again, online casino owners have realized that they now have yet another new market share which they need to win over. And in this case, it is worth it for them to invest into mobile gambling musch more that rather just offer some festive season bonuses. The mobile market is probably even bigger than standard internet market when you think about it. There is a maximum of two to three computers per family of 5, but probably each one of them has a smartphone.

There are just much more smartphone devices that there are personal computers there. And that is where online casinos need to make a push. They need to make playing online casino games much more appealing so that people would take this change seriously. But how can they do that? Well, let us find out.

Why pay by phone casinos becoming more and more popular?

pay by phone casinosWell,  there are many reasons why. One we have already mentioned in the previous part of the article. But one of the most popular reasons why people are willing to play online casinos on their mobile phones and make deposits that way is because you can play it anywhere that you are.

That is something that any other device that you have or that have access to the internet can’t do. You can’t take them with you on a trip or on a way to the work, deposit and play online casino games on them.

Only smartphones and some tablets that use 4G connectivity can do so

Another reason is that you don’t have to schedule the time when will you play the online casino games and when you will make the deposit. You can make the deposit and play the games on your phone in an instant.

Usually, when you would play the games on your computer, you would have to plan the time of the day when you will sit down in front of your computer, and then plan how much time will you spend by playing the online casinos games.

With smartphones that problem has disappeared. You don’t to have to plan anything. As soon as you get the thought in your head that you could play the round or two of online casino games, you can do so by just taking your phone out of your pocket and connecting to the casino page. It is that simple.

Why should every online casino have the mobile version of their casinos?

pay by phone logoSo, why should pretty much all online casinos have the mobile versions of their casinos? Well, first, they can reach the much bigger number of online casino players. Usually, the online casino players who play the casino games on their computers are the ones that are really into it. That are already the veterans of this type of casinos.

But if you want to get the casual online casino player to play online casino games on your site, then the mobile version is the best option. Casual online casino player does not have the time or will to sit down with their computer and spend few hours playing the online casino games.

Phone casino is more fun

They will mostly play the games for the short periods of time when they have nothing better to do while they are traveling or waiting in the waiting room of the hospital or some other government building. They need the simple way to make the deposit with their phone and to play the online casino games. And that is where the mobile version of the casino comes as the gift from the heaven.

Use Boku payment handler to make a deposit using your phone bill on the go!

Also, mobile phone casino versions give the bigger chance for more customers that they can reach. We all know that least number of customers have the old fashion physical casinos, then online casinos are the on the second place, they have a lot of customers, but not as much as a third group. And that third group are casinos that are offering online version and mobile version of their casino. That way they have reached the biggest potential number of customers that will play the online casino games on their platform. And that is why every single online casino should make the mobile version of their online phone casino site.

But there is even better option – phone casino!

phone casinoThere is even a better option for online casinos that want to go mobile. And that is to create their own mobile app. The app would make everything much easier and smoother. You would not need to rely on the searching engines. The quality of the service would be much higher. And that is because it would be made specifically for the mobile devices.

Everything would be made perfectly for a smartphone

Every single thing would be interactive by only touching the screen on your smartphone. Making a deposit for phone casino, playing the games, everything would be much easier and smoother.

The problem with browser versions of online casinos for mobile phones it that they are just accustomed for the mobile phones, not made for them. Which in many cases can lead to some problems, most notable, with the interaction? The input is quite different on smartphone and computer, that is why it can cause many inconveniences. But with the mobile app, all of that problem disappear and you have the perfect platform for online mobile casino players.