All You Need to Know about Bitcoin Casino Online

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino is the latest way to play for fans of casino games and cryptocurrency. It has become very popular to use Bitcoin for a lot of casino players. You could even get a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus at one of the many sites now accepting payments in this way.

What is Bitcoin?

It’s difficult not to have heard about Bitcoin. It has been all over the news in recent times. Bitcoin is known as a cryptocurrency which is a form of digital currency. It is not centrally regulated by any bank or financial institution. This is why it took a while to catch on – it was hard to determine a value.

bitcoin casino ukBut people began trading them, as they do with any commodity. The real buzz came when the value increased dramatically. When Bitcoin was first launched in the early part of this century, each one of it was worth less than a third of a penny. At a point in 2017 the value rose to approximately £12,000. Months later it was back down to £4,000. It can be quite volatile to trade, but the value is still many thousands of times higher than it was initially.

Bitcoin is known as BTC and it also has smaller units. There are millibitcoins (a thousandth of a BTC) and satoshis (named after Bitcoin’s founder) which are a hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.

Why use Bitcoin?

It’s convenient to use a Bitcoin casino because Bitcoin is digital. This makes transferring it very easy. Payments made to a Bitcoin casino are completed instantly. Depending on an individual casino’s withdrawal policy, withdrawals can also be immediate. There might be a waiting period before a withdrawal is completed by the casino. Check their terms and conditions for more information.

Bitcoin casino UK

Choosing a Bitcoin casino is a little easier than choosing just any kind of online casino. This is because there are so few, relatively speaking. The number of Bitcoin casino UK choices is increasing monthly. There are now a lot more which are designed with cryptocurrency customers in mind.

bitcoin casino no deposit bonusA way that Bitcoin casinos try to attract the attention of new customers is by offering a bonus. There could be a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus which is a very tempting offer for many new customers. There could also be a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus. This means that a casino doubles your first deposit up to a certain amount. There are several which give deposit bonuses up to 1BTC. Given the potential value of a Bitcoin this kind of offer can be incredibly generous. Much more generous than standard casino deposit offers.

Before signing up at a Bitcoin casino, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions. It is also important to know what is expected of a player regarding bonuses. Make sure you read about playthrough requirements and how much time you have in which to fullfil them.