Boku Casino: List of Casinos that accept Boku payment

Boku is the new best way to make casino deposits.  It’s really simple. And automatic. So, we have started a Boku casino list for you to use.

Never heard of Boku but want to start making deposits with your phone? Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how it works.

Boku – Registration and making your first deposit

Boku Casino ListBoku is still growing in popularity. Pay by phone deposits are still a long way from Visa and Mastercard. However, technology is moving forward which allows us to use it in many new ways. Including making deposits to your casino account.

As far as mobile deposit methods go, you will hear two names frequently – Zimpler and Boku. These are huge pay by phone competitors. Like Samsung and Apple. Now Boku casino is slightly easier to find as the company has been in business since 2009. Zimpler, on the contrary, was only launched in 2016.

But none of the brands is standing still. Zimpler, for example, just partnered with one of the fastest growing casino brands – Energy Casino.  Boku casino list is also expanding.

People need simple things in life. The less you need to worry about it, the better. Here’s where Boku comes into place.

How to deposit with Boku to casinos?

You don’t really. Not in a traditional way. Once you register and confirm your account, Boku will process deposits you want to make to the Boku casino by adding them to your monthly bill.

No payments to make

boku mobile casinoMany other deposit methods require you to have an account with them. You either send money through them or you upload money and keep it there until you need to use it.

This is largely inconvenient. Not just because something can go wrong between the time money leaves your bank account up until the moment it reaches the casino. There’s also another set of passwords to remember, another company to trust, additional deposits to make.

At no Boku casinos will you find such a hassle.

Take, for example. They claim to be a Boku casino. So, what do you need to play at A casino account, obviously, a Boku account and a mobile phone. That’s it. Whether you have a contract with a mobile network provider or use a prepaid card does not matter. Well, there is a small difference.

If you only use a prepaid card, you can only use deposits via messages. Many methods have minimum limits for deposits, like $10 or $20. But with Boku often $5 is the minimum deposit. Still, it’s quick and convenient. That’s what we call Boku casino experience.

If you have a contract, you can also choose deposits via phone bill. This way you don’t even need to think about deposits. Money you use to play is added to your monthly phone bill.

Yes, this is completely safe. First, every Boku casino has own limits to prevent accidental overspending. But you can set your own limits, as well. That’s how you get the best from both worlds – you never run out of money to play with and get to keep it safe.

Boku casino – which is best?

Boku casino list is as long as Route 66. However, not all casinos that have partnered with Boku provide full transparency. So, at this moment we want to focus on two largest casinos using Boku – Mansion Casino and

mansion casinoThese two names don’t need any introductions as both have been in business for nearly 20 years. Throughout which they have earned the respect and following from millions of casino enthusiasts.

And as hard as we tried, we can’t separate between the two. Really.

If you were to choose between and Mansion Casino as your new Boku casino, you’d have to look at what games you like best. Because, as far as customer service, rewards, promotions, mobile capabilities and pretty much everything else is very similar between these casinos.