Goldfish Casino Slots: Get Free Coins, Learn Tricks and Tips

Goldfish Casino Slots

Introducing, a Goldfish Casino Slots brought to you by SG Interactive.

What can I say? The first impression when you enter this casino is that it’s a warm and friendly casino. And it is. Community is a big part of the game (we’ll talk about that later).

Also, the blue Ocean background and a calm soundtrack that is much less tense than many other Las Vegas-style casinos. Golf Fish Casino is a place to relax, enjoy great looking and unique casino slots and forget all your worries.

Not to say it never gets exciting. With some jackpots exceeding 100 billion coins, playing will send your heart racing every time you play.

Let’s see how it does against competition and how you can get almost 10 million free Gold Fish Casino coins.

How does Gold Fish Casino Compare to Others

When you join your first casino, everything looks super amazing. You can’t believe you just got 100,000 free coins for nothing or that you only needed 5 minutes to go up a level (which also rewards you with free coins).

But the truth is, Goldfish Casino uses a lot of the same tactics to make money and keep players satisfied. It’s better in some regards but has one or two drawbacks of its own.

How does it compare?

Goldfish Casino has some ads but it’s less intrusive compared to other casinos. And the stakes are much higher here (for example joining your Facebook account gives you 5 million coins. But it’s mostly a matter of preference which some players seem to enjoy.

Goldfish Casino SlotsEach new level brings you a gift bag. New levels are easy to achieve. At least, the first 50 or so levels. Overall there are 675 levels to reach and they take an increasing amount of time and effort to achieve.

Plus, the casino recently shortened their ‘come back’ bonus. Now instead of every three hours, your 250,000-coin bonus awaits you every two hours.

The Best GoldFish Casino Slots

There are 140 Goldfish Casino Slots to try. But you can only do that one at a time after you level up. To me, this is the largest drawback of the casino. All but one Slot machines are locked when you first join.

As a result, you get to try new game only when you level up to level 5, 10, etc.

On the other hand, you can look at it as a challenge. Something to look forward to. Still, if you like progressive jackpots, the first one is only on level 30. That will probably take a day or two.

Go Mobile: All About Gold Fish Casino App

Most of the readers of this casino review will look to play on their mobile phones. So, how’s the Gold Fish Casino app?

Gold Fish Slots Casino App Google PlayFirst, one drawback I found was that the game requires a constant internet connection, even though you download the Slots to your phone. Does that mean that at level 650 you must have each of the 140 slots Slots downloaded to your phone?

Luckily, no. You can go to Settings at any time and uninstall Slots you don’t play individually.

Overall, the apps are very highly rated on the App Store and Google Play. For instance, the Android version is rated 4.6 stars after more than 400,000 ratings. iOS is even better. Here it’s 4.8 stars with hundreds of positive comments.

Gold Fish Casino Free Coins

There is a mountain of ways to get Gold Fish Casino free coins. Here’s how you can get the most coins.

  1. Download an app (Android or iOS). Despite them claiming you start with 1 million coins, you actually start with 3.5 million.
  2. Connect your Facebook account. Easiest 5 million coins you will get. Plus, it allows you to connect to your friends and play together.
  3. Claim your 2-hour bonus. Every two hours you get 250.000 (sometimes Gold Fish Casino changes the interval or the amount) and every 6th bonus will be a mega 1,000,000 bonus.
  4. Come back for Gold Fish Casino Slots every day. There are daily and weekly gifts for returning players.
  5. Watch out the bet amount! It’s important not only to gain, but not to lose too fast, either. Always start with the minimum bet and move up when you feel safe. Keep in mind, all slots start with the second or third bet in size from the bottom, so you will have to adjust every time.
  6. Follow the Events and Promotions. There is a lot going on at Golf Fish Casino. Every day there is a new promotion, or a new game or something else. They have a handy calendar for you to check out and follow. If you know when new games are introduced and what giveaways gold fish casino is planning, it’s much easier to come out on a winning end.
  7. Join the community. It’s worth it. First, you connect to friends (or can make new ones via the community) and share free coin gifts between each other. Occasionally, Gold Fish Casino will run a community promotion where gifts sent on that day reward four or five times as much coins. That’s a great money-maker if you spend the time to connect with at least 10 people.
  8. Follow your bankroll. Even when you play free slots, bankroll management is crucial. Unless you are willing to buy coins from the app.


Goldfish Casino Slots ConclusionGoldfish Casino Slots is casino’s biggest advantage. So far, I went up 100 levels and each new game I unlock has distinct features and is unique in its own way.

Goldfish Casino Slots is casino’s biggest disadvantage. The fact that almost all games are locked at the beginning means you will have to play some games for a while until you unlock new ones. It can feel discouraging.

Overall, Goldfish Casino raises the bar for competition. Despite minor issues, every day here is exciting and rewarding.

Try and let me know if you liked it!