Live Casino Online – Where To Gamble Live In 2019

Have you ever wanted to time travel to explore the days of the past? Maybe visit one of the first casinos in the first years of Las Vegas? You only need to look around to understand how lucky you are as a player. So much is right at your fingertips!

A few years back playing on your smartphone wasn’t even a thing and now – play live casino online wherever you are. Technology is truly amazing, isn’t it?

Wait, you don’t know what is a live casino and how do you play its games online?

Oh, boy, now you are in for some top-class fun.

Check out live casino games available at your favourite online casino and you may never need to leave your home to play casino.

What is a Live Casino and How to Play Online?

live casino

Live casino online is electric. And amazing. And incredibly fun. You are not just looking and rolling pictures. Instead, you get to experience real life casino on your computer or smartphone.

There are a lot of things to love about it and only a few that may be considered drawbacks.

So what is a live casino online exactly?

Live casino online is a service more than anything else. A service provided by online casinos. You know that at any online casino, games are provided by one or more third-party game developers.

There are thousands of games now created. However, playing animated games may get a bit monotonous. It’s definitely not the same as interacting with a live dealer at a casino. If that’s how you feel, live casino online games are waiting for you with 100+ tables at various games. They are being streamed straight from a casino.

While you are playing, you can interact with the dealer, ask questions, chat with other players. It’s a completely different experience than like spinning endless slots.

Sounds fun?

There is much more to it.

Ready to Raise Your Game? Try Live Casino Online

live casino online

Most casinos along with their regular games also offer live casino games. Most but not all. Occasionally, casinos may even share the same land-based casino for their live casino games online.

So, don’t be surprised if you see the same games at separate casinos. But it doesn’t mean both casinos are equal to play at. And we’ll talk about that a bit later.

But we did promise you to tell much more about live casino games online.

As we mentioned, interaction is a huge appeal for the players. But these games also have various other benefits.

Learn from other players

Unsure how to act in one spot or another, see what your colleagues at the table do. In games like blackjack, you sit with others and can see what actions they opt in to perform in various situations.

Playing with friends

Incredibly, these games can also be a great entertainment for the evening with friends. Casinos offer multiplayer tables where you can connect with friends and play.


You can play classic games all day long. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette is all yours. Different stakes, different variants, different dealers.

Pick the one for you.

Not a fan? You can play Pai Gow or Casino Hold’em? Or the incredibly fun Dream Catcher?

Top Live Casinos

top live casinos

As promised, let’s move on to the top live casinos to play via your home computer or smartphone. There are two key things you should know about playing these games:

  1. Casinos differ in the games they offer. Therefore, some are much better for roulette, others for blackjack, etc.
  2. As games are sometimes shared among casinos, an important question becomes whether there are any exclusive bonuses you can get as a player.

Surprisingly, not only the players love live casino games. Casinos themselves nowadays push these games through the help of promotions. So, it’s always worth of seeing how much additional value you can get.

What we can promise you is to follow casinos around the world and bring you the best offers we find to play live casino online. But if you have any questions right now, don’t hesitate to ask!

And don’t forget, enjoy what you do!