Best Live Dealer Casino Rooms in 2019 With Bonus!

Live dealer casino games are all about the edges. You may be thinking that edges in casino games don’t change. You may think that the casino has an unbeatable edge.

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We have incredible news for you.

Edges are relative.

They do change. As a player, you have plenty of power to influence the house edge and push it towards your own end. Think of it this way:

House edge at roulette is a little over 2,6% (standard European roulette rules). But the casinos you don’t play at have zero edge. No no, it’s not an over simplistic way to look at it. What we are saying is, if you take the time to check out the live dealer casino review pages, find out great games and generous bonuses, you can impact how much can you play. And naturally, you also increase the opportunities you can win.

So, the first thing we want to say – be careful where you put in your money.

To help you out, we have found the most brilliant casinos where you can always expect the best reception, games and a never-ending supply of generous bonuses.

Which Casino With Live Dealer Games is the Best?

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How can you say if a live dealer casino is a good one? That’s a tricky question. If you come at a certain time (let’s say during Valentine’s day), you may find that 2/3 of casinos online have a fantastic bonus you can use to your benefit.

But that’s the key.

Because when the occasions pass by, the best live dealer casino will still have something for its players. Not only first deposit bonuses for newcomers but for everyone.

That’s why for millions of players online, Paddy Power Casino is the go-to live dealer casino. It’s more than a casino. For many, maybe you as well, it’s a home. Paddy Power offers great casino games for almost 20 years now. You’d think they have caught a few things what players love and what’s not the favourite thing in the world for them?

Here’s what they did:

As far as games go, Paddy Power made sure that you would get an above average selection. It’s not the widest, but there is something to be said about quality over quantity.

paddy casino live dealer

But here’s where Paddy excels. As long as we know them, it’s been one of the most consistently giving casinos online. It’s not a Mother Teresa’s charity, but here casino players often get the best offers in the world.

And secondly, Paddy Power was also the leader to make sure their live dealer casino online is optimized for mobile players. If you like to play on your phone, Paddy has iPhone and Android apps for every occasion – arcade games, sports, casino games, live casino (p.s. if you like to play casino games on mobile here’s a full list of them).

In the end, that’s what matters. Best service. Best games. Top-level rewards. In that regard, Paddy Power is a name you can trust to deliver 110%.

If Paddy Power is not a right fit for you, check out other casinos – we have several other casinos you may like.