Monkey Money Slots: NO Monkey Business

Monkey Money

Monkey Money is a great online slot game from Betsoft. It might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other slot machines which are available right now, but it’s certainly fun. In this review we’ll tell you how this slot machine works and about its different features.

Monkey Money slot game

Monkey Money is a five reel slot game from Betsoft. There are nine paylines in this game and they all run from left to right. It is an uncomplicated game. The graphics are quite basic, as are the sound effects and music. This doesn’t stop it from being a very enjoyable game though. Also, it will appeal to the fans of classic slots due to its simplicity.

The game is set on a beach and below the reels you will see a monkey. He hopes to become a monkey in money and he watches the reels as they spin. If you win, he’ll do a little excited dance for you.

The symbols in Monkey Money are a mixture of classic fruit machine symbols and those based on the Monkey Money theme. From lowest to highest ranking, the symbols are:

  • Cherrymonkey money slot
  • Plum
  • Red 7
  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Palm tree
  • Monkey’s head
  • Three golden coins

A player wins if he or she lands three or more symbols of the same kind on an active payline, starting from the first reel on the left. The exception is cherries and plums which also give a win for just two of a kind. There is no wild symbol in Monkey Money.

The biggest prize available on a single spin is 25,000 coins. This can be won if you land five of the three golden coin symbols in a row on an active payline.

There is a paytable which details the payouts for each winning combination. There is also a diagram which shows the different paylines. Go into the information section of the game to see these.

How to play Monkey Money

Monkey Money is a very simple game to play. Before you start you can choose how much you wish to play for. You can choose the coin size from £0.02 to £0.50 and you can choose the number of coins you wish to bet each time. Finally, you can choose how many paylines you wish to play. The ‘select lines’, ‘choose coin’, and ‘bet per line’ buttons are at the bottom of the screen, below the reels. Use these to determine the size of your bet. There is also a ‘bet max’ button for if you wish to stake the maximum amount on every spin.

Monkey Money gameOnce you’ve done that, you’re ready to start. Hit the ‘spin’ button which is also at the bottom of the screen below the reels. Watch the reels spin and see if the monkey becomes happy. There is no auto start function in Monkey Money. Auto start allows a player to set the reels to spin automatically after each spin without the need to hit ‘spin’ every single time. Unfortunately, you’ll have to press ‘spin’ each time here.

Monkey in money bonus round

There is a bonus round in Monkey Money and it concerns a symbol that hasn’t yet been mentioned. This symbol is the coconut. If a coconut appears on the reels, it drops down to the monkey at the bottom who will hold on to it. Once he has three coconuts the bonus round can start. Three coconuts can appear on the reels at the same time which will automatically trigger the bonus round too.

There are four palm trees with two coconuts in each. Your task is to climb up one of these trees and select a coconut. The monkey will drop the chosen coconut on to the beach and it will open. Hopefully it reveals a cash amount. If it does, you can choose another coconut. If there is no money inside the coconut, then it’s rotten. The game will end at this point.

The prizes in the bonus round might not be massive, but the bonus game is triggered quite often and a new attempt at opening coconuts is never too far away.