Neteller Casino Online Guide

Neteller Casino

Players don’t always wish to use the same traditional deposit and withdrawal methods. Bank transfer and credit or debit card payments are fine, but some players like to use something a little different. A Neteller casino gives players this opportunity. At an online casino Neteller is a form of payment which is often listed. Here you will find out all about Neteller, how to use it, and where you can use it.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an e-wallet service, which simply put is like an online wallet. Neteller is not a bank, but it is properly regulated like any other financial institution. A Neteller account is a place you can keep money separate from your ordinary bank account and use it to pay for various things.

casino netellerIt is incredibly easy to set up a Neteller account. Go to their website and select the option to open a new account. All the information which is required to get started is your name, address of residence, and email address. It is important that you provide accurate information because you will need to verify this. Your account will be open within minutes and you can transfer money into it directly from your bank. If you prefer, you can make a payment to your Neteller account from a credit or debit card.

Verification of your Neteller account

To have full access to all Neteller’s features you must verify your account in three ways. Firstly, you will have to verify your email address. Neteller will send you an email. All you need to do is click on the link within it to confirm that it is your email account.

To confirm your identity, you will need a copy of any form of photo ID. This can be a passport, driving licence, or any form of official ID. It must have your name, date of birth, and a photograph on it. You don’t need to send them the original as a scanned or photographed copy will suffice.

Finally, you need to confirm your address. This can be done by providing a scanned copy of a mobile phone or utility bill from the last six months. All these documents can be submitted on Neteller’s site and it won’t take long for them to be accepted.

Your privacy assured

Neteller allows you a degree of anonymity when paying for goods or services. Your bank manager will only see a payment to Neteller. He won’t know that you’ve used money at a Neteller casino or anywhere else. One distinct advantage to having a Neteller account is a MasterCard. Neteller will give you a card linked to your account if you ask for one. This means that your Neteller account can be used to pay for goods and services online or offline. The card will be accepted at any outlet which accepts MasterCard, even those who don’t ordinarily accept Neteller. The card can also be used to withdraw funds from your Neteller account at an ATM.

Using online casino Neteller payments

online casino netellerUsing Neteller as a payment method at a Neteller casino couldn’t be simpler. The first time you choose to make an online casino Neteller payment you must select it from the casino’s options and enter your account details. Any subsequent payments can be made by a simple one click process once your details have been saved.

Casino Neteller payments are generally instant. This is for both deposits and withdrawals. There can be a period of time which you must wait before a withdrawal is processed. This depends on each individual casino and you should check their terms and conditions to find out more.

Finding a Neteller casino

Most casino reviews will tell you if a casino is a Neteller casino. Reading some of these will help you. In addition, you can find out on a casino’s website. If casino Neteller payments are accepted, there is usually a Neteller logo displayed on the website.

There are now more casinos which accept Neteller than those which don’t. The e-wallet revolution has begun and there are literally hundreds of Neteller casinos which you can choose from. Always make sure you choose to play at a reputable casino.