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Tired of playing roulette on desktop? Or maybe you just want to have your favorite game with you on a trip? We are here to help you. We have looked at dozens of roulette apps for iPhone and picked the best – so you don’t have to.

Is it as simple as going for the biggest brands in casino? Or downloading the most popular app in the App store? Actually, no.

We have found the best roulette app for iPhone to neither be from the biggest brand, nor it was the most popular app in the store.

Here’s where you should play roulette.

Roulette apps for iPhone – Finding the right one

From the dozens of roulette apps for iPhone you will like only a handful. So, here are just some tips on what to avoid when you are looking for an app for roulette.

Avoid free apps

roulette apps for iphone

On the app store, you will find many low-quality apps. Developed by kids trying to make a buck from ad revenue, these are almost always poor options. Even if you don’t plan to play real money games, casino apps are best.

It is just how it is. The casino has an established brand, the funds, the time and the staff to make a quality app. Much more than a group of kids. Not to mention that casino games are constantly tested for fairness by independent companies and government institutions.

Look at the big picture

If you will play real money games, look at the big picture – the casino, the games and the app. You want a casino that is rewarding. Frequent opportunities for bonuses are a great way to beat the casino at their own game.

Also, the best roulette app for iPhone must not restrict you. If there are 12 different roulette games in the library of the casino, you should be able to play all 12 games on you iPhone. It’s such a shame when live casino online is not an option on the mobile.

And then, there’s the app. It must be fast and easy to use. No compromises.

Play on the Best roulette apps for iPhone

We will keep you updated if anything changes on any new offers come in, but these are our favorite real money roulette for iPhone apps.

Unibet App

As a company, Unibet is a company that will walk the extra mile for their customer. That translates to everything they do, including their apps for poker, sports and casino.

Advantages – over 150 games to play (including 10+ roulette games). has been in business for two decades. Who’d be surprised to find them here? They have a 5-star rated app on the store, many games and superb offers to get bonuses and rewards playing your favorite games.


BGO has improved so much in the last several years. It’s astounding. They built an impeccable platform for mobile roulette games. And who can say no to their risk-free roulette bonus?