Warframe Currencies – Get Free Platinum, Credits and More

There is some misconceptions around Warframe. The fact that there is Platinum, which you can purchase, and promo codes, gives an impression that it’s a play-to-win game.

It’s not. It is really not.

Can cash make your Warframe life easier? A little bit, yes. Especially if you make big purchases that also give extra mods and Platinum.

But most of the game benefits are collected through sheer play time.

The Best Warframe Platinum Promo Code

This is not an invitation to buy anything. There are plenty of promo codes that are free. They are given to beginner players to help them understand the system, show them how levels and mods work, etc.

And there are some great ones.

I don’t know when you are reading this, so it’s hard to guarantee the codes below will be working. But if they did expire, at least they will work as an example of what can a free Warframe free Platinum codes give to new players.

Best Warframe Platinum Promo CodeA popular promo code is VOIDCRYSTAL. Anyone can use it once to receive a boost that will last for 72 hours.

Another one is TENNOSKOOM. It is still available but it won’t be anymore. Enter the code in the shop for a free Eage Mod pack.

Christmas is also a great time to hunt for promo codes. As is March. For those who don’t know, March 28 is Warframe’s birthday.

The Best Community Warframe Platinum Promo Codes

Warframe strongly relies on its community. There are thousands of trades made every day between players. It also works for promo codes. You can get free Platinum (not much), guns, mods and much more.

Join a community and share promo codes.

Here are some community Warframe promo codes that were shared publicly:

Another 3-day booster. Use promo code OLDFRIEND. You will also get an Orokin tea set.
GU6I-1RBO-MFT3-2FRT is a promo code which gives you a special Vectis sniper rifle. Plus, it comes with a free slot and a catalyst.
Promo codes from users include TOTALN3WB (in memory of a Warframe player who sadly passed away), BWANNA, BROZIME, LYNXARIA. Each gives you some Platinum and a few other perks.

Try them out.

If you come across an expired Platinum promo code, let me know and I’ll try to get a new one.

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